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Feeling so special!

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Posted by Daily Rant


Posted by Daily Rant

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To the finish line!

Well, I’ve completed my last winter term of college. Only 1 term left! I. So excited and terrified at the same time. My focus now is to just finish and not get behind.
It’s really hard to imagine not being in school after being in it for 16 years. That’s a long time, but I made it! I do have plans for grad school later down the road, but for now, time to pay off some debt.

I have $31,000 in debt a I want to pay that off in 6 years. Most people have debt for 15 or 20 years! I can’t imagine paying that much for an undergrad degree. I’ve been applying for jobs, getting a feel for the market and am so happy to be done in 11 weeks.

Life is going really well. It’s extremely challenging and stressful but I feel there is nothing to complain about. That’s a good place right? I think so. :)

Senior project has been consuming my life and getting the funding I want is so hard especially when you feel so passionately about the cause. Maybe I will be surprised! The event is in 3 weeks. That’s so soon! A lot has to be done by then and I am so excited and eager to see the outcome.

Overall work is okay, school is wrapping up, bf is great, and I’m starting to exercise again. Time to get back into the cycle!

Wednesday date night after work. Can’t wait ♡

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Future Life

As more things wrap up and more doors open I am getting more and more excited yet anxious for the next 6 months. 

Graduating college is probably one of the biggest accomplishments a person can have. I am starting to improve my resume, online presence, and linked in profile. I am trying to get as well versed as possible in order to secure some sort of employment after graduation. Charts of potential employers as well as living expenses.

I will be 100% on my own. That means, rent, food, phone, car insurance, gas, and health insurance. Its going to be hard and difficult, but im ready for this next step.

I am feeling really inspired by a particular person that has come into my life just recently.  Ive never met anyone so wonderful,  funny, and handsome. So far, hes perfect for me. I sit and wonder if this is going to go anywhere. I certainly hope it does. Ive never fallen so hard, so fast before. I hope… I hope it stems something beautiful. We make a great team and I can see great potential.

Dear universe, please shed some of your goodness on me this time. I work so hard.



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To the Void

Sometimes life beats you up, makes you unsatisfied, and down on your luck. Until you have an interaction with someone that leaves you thinking, wondering, hoping.  That feeling of ‘well, what if!’ Or ‘did that happen for a reason?’

Im feeling that way right now. This interaction was unmistakably fate. Whether it’s something that will last, or something that keeps me strong. But knowing that I can have a strong deep connection with someone I barely know….is quite powerful. I realize the universe is rewarding me for my good work and to keep my chin up. He will come with due time. 

Looking forward to 2014

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